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How to Create an App on Your Home Screen for Any Web Page

Tips • November 9, 2023 • Meghan Krause

Follow these quick steps to shortcut your favorite web pages for easy access:


  1. Open the website in Safari (this won't work for other browsers)
  2. Tap the Share button Adding GetSetUp to your iPad Home Screen – GetSetUp Help Center
  3. Choose the Add to Home Screen option
  4. Name the shortcut and click Add


  1. Open the website in Chrome
  2. Tap the menu icon in the upper right
  3. Select Add to Home Screen
  4. Name the shortcut

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Meghan Krause

Meghan is our resident data enthusiast who thrives on untangling and solving the toughest puzzles. With expertise in business, technology, and education, Meghan possesses a unique ability to bring clarity to complex problems, create practical solutions, and drive results that matter. She genuinely loves what she does and that energy is contagious. Beyond the world of crunching numbers, Meghan finds solace in the outdoors, enjoying playtime with her dog, and spending time with her family. Her unique blend of expertise and approachability makes navigating the data landscape not just informative but an engaging journey.