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Nov 23: The formula for a smooth year-end, a free performance dashboard, and more 🚀

Newsletter • January 24, 2024 • Meghan Krause

 Welcome back to The Edge, the newsletter to help ambitious leaders make confident business decisions and drive success with data.
This issue, we're tackling how to up your Q4 game to finish 2023 like a champ, how to identify your most valuable marketing strategies, and news including: optimism survey results for small business owners and some AI news that goes beyond the hype.

Make the Most of Q4 to Boost Your Year-End

Last month kicked off Q4 and the mad dash to year-end that goes with it. We put together our top Q4 to-dos to help you get ahead, finish the year strong and keep headaches at bay. Do:

✓  Forecast the rest of the year
✓  Mock a year-end performance review (check out our free template below)
✓  Catch up on outstanding audits
✓  Start your 2024 objectives
✓  Plan for the holidays

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Boost Your Decision Making in Just 10 Minutes


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Interactive Dashboard

Did you know data-driven orgs are three times more likely to report significant improvements in decision-making?

Even better, we've done all the heavy lifting for you. Get instant access to a pre-built, interactive dashboard to start making more profitable decisions today.


Recently Asked Questions

How do I know what marketing strategies are working so I can repeat and improve on them?

Marketing effectiveness is one of the trickiest to measure since there are a lot of touchpoints and (usually) a lot of different apps involved. Start simple and grow over time:

Short Term

Ease in by mapping out the journey of successful sales. Look for which email campaigns, ads, collateral, etc. they interacted with. Repeat for multiple sales and look for patterns that moved prospects down the funnel and led to revenue.

Long Term

Use your CRM to help bring the information together from different tools. Hubspot, for example, integrates with other tools like Wordpress, Mailchimp, Eventbrite and ad platforms. Once you have everything in one place, you can use in-app reporting tools or extract the info and create your own reports to compare everything at once.

If you have questions or want to learn more, we love sharing our expertise.


Woman in front of large envelope   If you have questions or want to learn more, we love sharing our expertise.



Young creative business people at office



Stop Segmenting by Demographics

Grow revenue and make life easier with these tips to better understand and predict your customers' behavior.




Create New Product Value from Data & Digital

Learn how to increase your value proposition and create new revenue opportunities with digital.

Around the Web

Uncover what's derailing your company's success with Harvard Business Review's approach to act like an anthropologist.

10 Investors talk AI, sharing their thoughts on how we got here and what they predict for the future.

Use generative AI to create win-win scenarios like Twilio, who alleviated boring tasks and reallocated time savings into more revenue generating activities.

Record breaking small business positivity with strong demand for goods and services, and plans to increase hiring and spending were reported by PNC's Fall 2023 Business Survey.

Rising prices and unfilled job openings are still a concern for many small business owners according to NFIB's Small Business Optimism Index.


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Meghan Krause

Meghan is our resident data enthusiast who thrives on untangling and solving the toughest puzzles. With expertise in business, technology, and education, Meghan possesses a unique ability to bring clarity to complex problems, create practical solutions, and drive results that matter. She genuinely loves what she does and that energy is contagious. Beyond the world of crunching numbers, Meghan finds solace in the outdoors, enjoying playtime with her dog, and spending time with her family. Her unique blend of expertise and approachability makes navigating the data landscape not just informative but an engaging journey.