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Regardless of where you are in your journey, we help you to reach new heights

Data Strategy
& Ecosystems

Whether starting from scratch or with an established data ecosystem, trust our expertise to create and implement tailored data strategies.

Analytical & Advisory Talent

Access top-tier talent in business and product analytics to analyze and interpret, forecast, visualize data, empower your teams, and more.

In-House Teams

Create a powerhouse team for long-term success with our coaching, mentoring, and team building expertise.


Transform your business with data-driven decisions

Optimize Sales & Marketing

  • Identify the most effective sales and marketing strategies to maximize revenue and reach your target audience.

  • Understand customer behavior and preferences to tailor marketing campaigns and improve conversion rates.

  • Optimize pricing, promotions, and advertising efforts based on data insights to increase profitability.

Strengthen Pitch Decks & Presentations

  • Enhance the impact of your sales presentations with compelling case studies and showcase return on investment (ROI).

  • Include projections and risk assessments in your investor pitch decks to improve your chances of securing financing.

Enrich Product Management

  • Gain insights into customer needs and preferences to develop products and offerings that align with market demand.

  • Evaluate product performance and identify areas for improvement or innovation.

  • Make data-driven decisions on product features, pricing, and positioning for optimal market acceptance and profitability. 

Boost Customer Retention & Loyalty

  • Understand customer behavior, preferences, and satisfaction levels to improve the overall customer experience.

  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities to increase customer lifetime value.

  • Develop targeted retention strategies based on customer segmentation and predictive analytics to reduce churn and improve loyalty.

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks, leading to streamlined operations, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

  • Forecast demand to deliver the right products, in the right quantity, at the right time.

  • Improve resource allocation, minimize waste, and identify revenue opportunities.

  • Optimize inventory levels to ensure sufficient stock without excess or shortage.

Empower Your Team

  • Monitor employee performance, customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

  • Pinpoint performance gaps, highlight successes, identify training needs and spot opportunities for process improvements.

  • Create informed training initiatives, mentoring programs or performance incentives.


Experience Meets Flexibility

Get the best of both worlds with Krause Analytics. Our years of industry experience enable us to provide powerful, data-driven solutions, while our flexible engagements ensure that organizations of all scales can take advantage of our specialized services. With a deep understanding of business strategy and the technical prowess to execute, we are uniquely positioned to both advise and implement your organization's journey towards growth and innovation.



Building Chart

Interim, Permanent and Partial Headcount


Project Based Resources


Experience That Breaks Barriers

We excel at overcoming the most crucial obstacles to drive lasting, measurable results.


Results That Matter

We leverage our expertise to deliver results that impact the bottom line and directly align with your business objectives.


Proven Process

We marry strategic and practical problem-solving to increase organizational adoption and create value throughout your journey, not just at the finish line.

Time Management

Bilingual in Business & Tech

We are fluent in both business and technology, bridging the gap to create successful outcomes in both realms.


Education & Empowerment

We nurture data-driven cultures and implement programs that everyone can embrace, regardless of their skill level.


Uncover Hidden Opportunities and Drive Growth

Running a business is no easy task. You have limited time and resources, facing numerous challenges. Analyzing your data enables you to gain insights, make informed decisions, and implement strategies that drive growth, increase profitability, and streamline operations, ultimately making life easier and more prosperous.


Powerful answers without lifting a finger

From data management and integrations to visualization and reporting, we develop solutions designed to do the heavy lifting for you so can focus on the big picture.

Turbocharge Your Data

Background gradient blobs Woman pointing to charts on an iPad
Background gradient blobs Woman pointing to charts on an iPad

Unlock your full potential

Our consulting and headcount services are an ideal fit for businesses seeking expert guidance and additional resources, without the overhead of maintaining an in-house team. We work closely with you to understand your business goals, assess your data, and provide the strategic insights you need to make informed decisions. 

These engagements can be short term to point you in the right direction, intermittent, or ongoing to ensure you're always monitoring the pulse of your business.

Empower Your Business

blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) Woman extracting insights from a report
blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) Woman extracting insights from a report
product_jobbies_2 Person annotating a pie chart
product_jobbies_2 Person annotating a pie chart

Always be ahead of the curve

We use a data-driven approach to create stickier products tailored to customer behavior. By harnessing technology, we unlock new and enhanced customer experiences that add undeniable value. Whether it's generating innovative product ideas, activating customers, or driving engagement, we have the know-how to create more competitive products.

Level Up Your Products


Assemble your dream team

Take your team's performance to new heights  with our leadership and guidance, whether you already have a team or are in the process of building one.

We can help you define your goals for the team, hire the right analysts, and educate your team with the knowledge and skills to drive tangible results.

Elevate Your Team

Background blobs Collaborate
Background blobs Collaborate


Our Proven Process



We assess organizational goals, inventory existing tools and data, define KPIs, and outline technology needs for a successful digital transformation strategy.



We build a strong data foundation by profiling data for accuracy, structuring it efficiently through models, and implementing data pipelines for seamless integration and cleansing.



We leverage advanced analytics, deliver actionable insights, and implement automation to boost efficiency and empower data-driven decisions.



We empower your organization by assessing data readiness, educating teams and helping to weave data into leadership practices to drive success.


Career Experience Working With

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Lean On The Experts

You don’t have to do it alone. Let us do what we love so you can focus on what you love.

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